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Lobster Bisque

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If chicken soup is good for the soul, imagine what a hot bowl of creamy, authentic lobster bisque can do. Our partner, Bay Shore™ Chowders is a family owned specialty seafood business located directly on the old fish pier, just a clam’s throw away from our facility. In business for over 25 years (just like us), we are proud to offer their 20 oz. containers of creamy chowdas and bisques. Taste the difference for yourself!


North Atlantic

One 20 oz. container


Additional Information:

Lobster Bisque other than being rich in flavor and taste has various health benefits of a lobster. Bisque generally means soup with a distinct velvety texture and uses crustaceans as the main ingredient.

Lobsters have high level of proteins, vitamins and various other nutrients that are essential for the body. They are rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin B12. Other than this, lobsters are also rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. This keeps the heart healthy by reducing blood clotting and reduces the chances of heart attack as well. It also helps to maintain low blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Lobster Bisque is tasty and can prove very healthy when introduced in a diet.

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