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Claw Knuckle Leg Lobster Meat | Constitution Seafoods - Boston, MA

Claw-Knuckle - Lobster Meat

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Claw Knuckle Lobster Meat is packed in a vacuum sealed, freezer friendly bag, our cooked claw-knuckle lobster meat combination can be enjoyed whenever you choose. Simply thaw the entire pack slowly in warm water to soften the meat, open the pack and prepare or consume as you would with fresh lobster meat. Don’t forget to order your lobster bibs and butter ramekins to make your meal even more authentic.


North Atlantic

One 2 lb. bag



Additional Information:

Earlier in mid-1900’s, Lobster was slowly becoming popular among seafood lovers. It was later in years when others started knowing it's nutritional value and developed taste for it. Now we all know lobster as the luxurious food icon as of today.

It can live for 30 to 50 years depending upon the environment and ability to shed their shells in order to grow. Lobster can he left-handed or right-handed as well. Depending upon the size of the claw, the crushing and cutting claws are switched. It is also very common for some lobsters to have only one claw. Since they are always fighting, it may drop its claw as a defense mechanism. Sometimes it may even happen that the more aggressive lobster ripped off the opponents claw during a fight.


Health benefits of Claw Knuckle Leg Lobster Meat:

  • A great source of omega-3 fatty acids and selenium.
  • High source of protein
  • Can help protect against thyroid disease, depression, and anemia.
  • Rich source of copper, zinc, phosphorus, vitamin B12, magnesium and vitamin E


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